Gourmet (Canned) Razor Clam Chowder

Gourmet (Canned) Razor Clam Chowder

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy cooking up some fresh seafood with that time-honored family recipe. Sometimes, however, you just want something to eat for dinner…and fast!  This is when that zip-lock baggie of razor clams you just discovered in the bottom of your freezer can really come in handy.

  • 1 can of your favorite (store-bought) clam chowder
  • 1/2 cup chopped razor clams (frozen or thawed…doesn’t matter). Feel free to add more clams. There’s no such thing as too many clams in your clam chowder.



Follow instructions for heating your can of soup on the stove. While that is warming up, take that old frozen brick of clams and carefully cut off about a 1/2 cup of clams in small pieces and add to your soup. If you can’t cut through the clams using a knife, you can thaw them out in a bowl of warm water.

Let me also mention that you don’t need to be afraid of a bag of clams that looks a little freezer-burned. You may end up discarding a couple pieces of clams that look particularly bad, but I’ve never noticed any “freezer-burn flavor” in any chowder that I have made with slightly freezer-burned clams.

Don’t feel limited to just adding clams to your clam chowder. I’m all in favor of turning a simple store-bought can (or two) of clam chowder into a seafood extravaganza!

Other ingredients to add:

  • Shrimp (precooked)
  • Fish (precooked) (Any leftover salmon, halibut or sturgeon in the fridge? Throw some in!)
  • Muscles (precooked)
  • Bacon (precooked) 


Add some freshly ground pepper and a few drops of Tabasco Hot Sauce. Then cut a thick slice of a good loaf of bread and you have yourself a meal, fit for a king (or queen)!

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