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Geoduck Tube

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Murff’s Claminator™ Geoduck Tube

Diameter:  11-5" in.
Height:  40 in.

An extra band (1" high and 3/16" thick) has been added to the top of the geoduck tube for reinforcement allowing the clammer to drive the tube down into the sand or mud using a block of wood and a heavy hammer or mallet.  Our geoduck tubes are made out of high quality SAE 304 stainless steel. 

Two 3/4" holes are drilled near the top of the tube to allow insertion of a 3/4" steel pipe to aid in the removal of the tube from the sand/mud.  The steel pipe is not included.

We offer discounted ground shipping of our Geoduck Tubes at the flat rate of $29.50 for customers located in WA, OR and CA.  All other states in the continental US (does not include Alaska or Hawaiiwill be charged the discounted flat rate of $39.50.  Please contact us to ask about expedited shipping options.  We can also ship our products globally and we are happy to provide a shipping quote for your desired destination.  Please write us via the contact form to request a quote for shipping options.

We do not have a retail location.  All pickup orders are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance with Dale Murff.  Please contact Dale prior to purchasing at to coordinate a pickup time.  Customers must also bring proof of purchase.