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Our customers say it all...

I’m a commercial razor clam fisherman. When I started in the fishery I used a ClamHawg gun. It was bulky, cheap, pulled way too much sand and broke twice on me before I kicked it to the curb. I purchased a Murff’s Claminator the next day and never looked back. I went from barely digging 60# to 80# a day with the ClamHawg to 110# to 135# with the Claminator, with ease.

After nearly two seasons and 8,000# of razor clams (in every type of sand) I’ve never had a problem with the gun. I am confident that this quality gun will suit any recreational clam digger’s needs for the rest of their life.

Ryan H.

Washington Coast

Just want to say Thank You! We are in our early 70’s and the Claminator makes it possible to continue clamming the Washington coast. My girlfriend threw her back out with a lesser gun about 3 years ago. She said I’m done, a new design can’t be that good. I bought us each a Claminator and after a lot of convincing she reluctantly went out with me one more time to prove me wrong. Three years later we go clamming quite often together and she loves her Claminator, as do I. We cannot even imagine using a lesser gun, especially at our age.

Tim & Margaret

Chelan, WA

Just wanted to share my great experience with the claminator at this morning's dig up at Ocean Beach, Washington. My brother-in-law was using one of the other brands and after I had my limit, in less than an hour, he used mine and is now planning on ordering his own claminator.

Christopher Patrick

Redlands, CA

I started researching clam guns and eventually found yours. A few months ago while camping at Cape Disappointment we went to Englund's in Astoria where I bought a Claminator. The "check valve" was the main selling point for me and not having any plastic parts as well. The new gun passed the test with flying colors. Pulls out like a hot knife thru butter, no comparison to a non-vented gun!

Ford Wilson

Oak Harbor, WA

Thank you for an amazing product! If it wasn't for your clam guns my 7 year old daughter wouldn't go as much. She loves her Claminator Lil' Desperado and loves to dig clams. We haven't missed a tide yet this year since she got her new clam gun. It's hard to find stuff kid-sized to make them want to go.

Travis F.

Hoquiam, WA

Well Dale, I told you I'd give you some feedback on your Claminator. First I have a majorly messed up back and a shoulder/arm that doesn't hardly work above my waist. Even with my bad back and shoulder I found myself pulling it out of the sand with my bad arm ONLY! THAT'S INCREDIBLE! You did a fantastic job on your design and execution of your product. Realizing how messed up my body is, it's worth every penny I paid for it. I thank you very much. Going clamming again tomorrow.

Walt Wazy

Portland, OR

This is undoubtedly the last clam gun I will ever buy. It's built like tank (although much lighter) and the vacuum tube works exactly as advertised. My wife is able to pull clams one handed with her Claminator. Need I say more? Oh yeah...another hard core digger friend of mine swore by his ClamHawk until last night. 2 minutes into our dig, he snapped the handle off of it and watched me dig my limit with my stainless gun until he could get his hands on my Claminator. I think he's soon to be a customer of Murff's too!

Scott R.

Twin Harbors, WA

I have been digging geoducks and razor clams on Washington beaches since 1976 (as a 6 year old). I am an evangelical owner of The Claminator Geoduck Barrel and a Claminator Razor Gun. Since switching to The Claminator, I've limited out each and every dig in 2021.

The Happy Geoduck/Mark Wilhelm

South Puget Sound

I am 77 years old. Recently, one of my fishing buddies highly recommended the Claminator. I ordered one from the website and it was promptly delivered. The Claminator is amazing and noticeably easier to use compared to the other clam guns. I can almost pull the Claminator up with one hand. The valve and vent tube design reduces energy and effort, and thus reduces stress on my back and heart. I enjoy razor clamming much more with the Claminator.

Rosoon P.

Seattle, WA

This is undoubtedly the last clam gun I will ever buy. It's built like tank (although much lighter) and the vacuum tube works exactly as advertised. My wife is able to pull clams one handed with her Claminator. Need I say more? Oh yeah... the other hard core digger friend of mine swore by his ClamHawk until last night. 2 minutes into our dig, he snapped the handle off of it and watched me dig my limit with my stainless gun until he could get his hands on my Claminator. I think he's soon to be a customer of Murff's too!

Scott R.

Twin Harbors, WA

I've had several types of guns, but the Claminator is by far the best gun I've used. This gun pushes in easy and pulls out even easier. Up until last week I was using another well know brand (thinking it was the s#!t) and had it break on me. Having to walk around listening to my buddy (Scott R. giving me crap) waiting for him to dig his limit so I could use his Claminator was no fun! Thanks to him, I now have my own Claminator and I'm sure it will be the last gun I will need to buy......Thanks Murff, Scott R., and Russ G. for changing my evil ways!

Jeff Baker

Tacoma, WA

After researching I decided to try the Claminator. The different length handles was the main reason I picked the Claminator. Being 6'3" the longer 37" handle worked out to be the perfect fit. I was a bit dubious of the vent valve working as advertised but after years of use it only plugged once and with a couple of taps at the valve, all good to go. Unlike traditional tubes small kids can easily work this vented tube as it does not require near the strength to retract from the sand.

Joel M.

Olympia, WA

Perfect razor clam sniper weapon. One shot one kill. [On my last dig], the guy next to me was so impressed with yours [Claminator] he bought 2 immediately after our trip. My girlfriend loves the claminator. Even with bad shoulders.

Todd Thompson

Port Townsend, WA

Double OMG--easiest clam gun ever! I have a spinal cord injury and have to use a cane. There were a couple of times I had my cane in one hand and clam gun in the other and was able to pull the clam gun one-handed. Game changer for me. Friends finished their limits using the Claminator as it was easier than guns they were using.


Westport, WA

We went clamming this past weekend here in WA at Ocean Shores with our old, tried-and-true stainless steel clam gun. My brother came along with his new Claminator gun and all we can say is WOW! So, so much easier to pull out! We gave our gun to a kid using a PVC gun on our last day as we walked off the beach and placed our order for a Claminator the minute we got home. So nice to see such an effective upgrade on a simple tool.

Cynthia Markham

Puyallup, WA

I changed from another brand of clam gun with a vent tube, and the Claminator works smoother than the other brand. It is built much stronger and I don’t have to worry about it denting or breaking. I love it!

Ron Fox

Astoria, OR

I bought my claminator by mistake....Wow, guess what...I bought another. The craftsmanship is perfect. The vent tube design is the best concept you will ever find anywhere. I have seen many of the bottom plugs and this design is bullet proof as long as you give it a dunk now and then to remove sand. The gun slides into the sand like a hot knife thru butter and pulls out super easy. These guns are so good...they are almost illegal!

Russ Gloor

Ocean Shores, WA

I bought the 35" Claminator for my boyfriend. He is not quite 5'11" tall. He could tell upon receiving it that the next size up would work better for him. We dropped by Dale's fabrication shop in Astoria. Dale was out fishing but his wife contacted him and did a quick exchange for the 37" model. We are really happy with the quality of the clam gun and the customer service.

Christine W.

Philomath, Oregon

As I am a marine ecologist, I purchased a custom 4” diameter “worm gun” to remove the infaunal polychaete Diopatra cuprea from large plots in my research. This worm gun worked FLAWLESSLY for the task, and the vacuum release tube into the design saved me a considerable amount of effort. While I did have to hammer the edges of the barrel straight after running it into buried oyster reefs on a few occasions, I’m very doubtful that any other clam gun would have even survived the beating, including 4000+ insertions. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thanks Dale!

Aaron R.

Wilmington, NC

Easy push, easy pull. Strong and light. Murff got it right.

Rick Metzgebr

Custer, WA

No big fantastic story of digging thousands of razors, just a note from a couple of people that enjoy digging clams and found this to be the very best product, period.

Paul & Linda W.

Milwaukie, OR



Hi, my name is Dale Murff. I was born and raised in Oregon and grew up enjoying fishing, hunting and recreating in the wonderland that is the Pacific Northwest. It's here, on the Oregon North Coast, where I fell in love with clamming for razor clams. OK...I may have become a little obsessed with it.

After destroying a few clam guns from heavy use, I decided to try making my own. My goal was to make a clam gun that would hold up to the kind of punishment that I put one through. With the help of a good friend and local fabricator (and vent tube designer), the result of our initial experiments, and subsequent improvements, is the best clam gun available, and one that I'm proud to put my name on. Since then, we have also released, what I feel are, the finest clam shovels and geoduck tubes you can buy.


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